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Call: 303-817-0965 or 303-817-2978

Spondylogenic Reflex Therapy

"Chasing Pain is a losing Game"

Dr Kennedy has had Advanced Training in Spinal Reflex Analysis (SRA), which is based on European and American research showing how a wide variety of muscles will reflexively tighten up as a Reflex to annoying/painful joint stimulation in the spine.  This means you can injure your low back at L5 ( the lowest spinal joint, just above your sacrum) lifting or bending, and eventually develop neck or upper back pain AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE L5 INJURY!  SRA has brought together a variety of very famous research findings, and made sense of the complex relationship that shows up once you have had a trauma or insult to your back.  It triggers an unconscious and automatic firing of a specific set of muscles that will help you to "run away" from the threat from behind, turn your head to locate the source, and twist your torso and shoulders in an escape attempt.  This reflex pattern switch gets "turned on" with injury and if not switched off, can lead to years of low-grade back muscle tension that ultimately can cause hip and shoulder pain further down the road.

Using the original research, combined with the Spinal Reflex Analysis training, Dr. Kennedy combines them with myofascial therapy and acupuncture: this gives YOU, the patient, significant and lasting pain relief for those chronic problems that have bothered you no matter WHO you have seen.

Here is a picture of the Original Book:


Here is a graphic showing the extent of muscle activation and chronic tension from the L5 spinal joints (grey colored vertebra). Notice how the red muscles pull into the neck and between the shoulder blades, how the midback gets a lot of muscle pulling as well, and even the HIP is affected:


Let me ask you something:  When you have neck pain or back pain between the shoulder blades, do any of your doctors look at the lowest spinal segment?  The L5 vertebra?  I doubt it. Yet, this may be THE ORIGINAL CAUSE of your midback pain.  This technique is fantastic for helping people who have been EVERYWHERE and to EVERYBODY, but still have that nagging pain.

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