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Pain Management

Boulder Pain Management for Personal Injuries

Are you suffering from a personal injury that has resulted in neck pain, back pain, whiplash, headaches and migraines? Don't let chronic pain keep you from participating in the activities you love most. Located in Boulder and proudly serving the regions of Longmont, Niwot, Westminster and Lafayette, our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you with your pain management needs!

Pain Management in Boulder For Personal Injury Patients

Boulder chiropractor provides back pain and personal injury care A boulder pain management specialist might be need at any time because personal injuries can occur to any of us at any time and are often unexpected. More often than they should, these injuries go un-reported or untreated leaving you to deal with the pain and suffering of neck pain, back pain, headaches and migraines and whiplash. Because our chiropractor, Dr. Kennedy understands pain management, he will be able to help relieve your pain. These injuries can affect us both physically and emotionally, he has developed multifaceted treatment options to assist you in becoming pain free. We know that becoming pain free now will also improve your overall sense of well-being!

Time is of the essence when an injury occurs. In some cases it can take several days or weeks for the experience of pain to set in. While this may sound surprising, a common example is whiplash. Whiplash, if left untreated may result in chronic neck pain. If you have experienced an injury, it is imperative that you report your injury and call our chiropractor immediately. We encourage patients to visit us directly after an injury to help you prevent pain such as neck pain and back pain from settling into the body.

After an injury occurs, our chiropractor provides several levels of care including fast pain relief, corrective, rehabilitative care and preventive health tips. These stages of pain management, offer our patients drug and surgery free techniques that reduce, stop and prevent pain from occurring any further. Essentially, each level of care includes the use of multi-faceted techniques that complement one another to get you on the road to healing. At your first visit, Dr. Kennedy will perform a comprehensive exam to determine what types of healing modalities will be most optimal for your personal care.

If you're living in the greater Longmont, Niwot, Westminster or Lafayette areas of Boulder, we can help you with all of your pain management needs! Call us at today.

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