Call: 303-817-0965 or 303-817-2978

Call: 303-817-0965 or 303-817-2978

Frequently Asked Questions


Please take a moment to check out our frequently asked questions.  If you have any further questions please give us a call at 303-817-0965

Q: Do You Take Insurance?

A: We no longer accept group health insurance in our office, however we will be happy to provide you with all of the necessary information to submit your visit to your insurance company.  They will send you a check within 2-3 weeks in most cases.  We DO take automobile accident and Worker's Compensation cases, and will do the billing.

Q: Why Do You No Longer Take Insurance?

A: We want to give you the best service, plain and simple.  With today's health insurance boundaries, and ever changing regulations, Dr. Kennedy is restrained by what techniques he can perform at each visit: how many procedures and what duration per method.  To be able to provide you with the BEST care we are cutting out the large bookkeeping tasks so we can focus on the best possible care for our patients.

Q: How Do I Submit My Own Claims?

A: We will provide you with what we call a "Super-Bill".  This contains all of the codes necessary to bill your insurance.  You will need to contact the number on the back of your insurance card for instructions on where to send all of the information.  When discussing your plan benefits with your insurance company, note that we are considered an out-of-network provider.

 Q: How Much Does an Appointment Cost?

A: We do all of our pricing based on time.  For each visit Dr. Kennedy will provide any type of treatment in that time period: adjustments, acupuncture, NeuroMyoBalancing, stretches or home exercises.

New Patient Appointment - $275

30 Minute Follow Up Visit - $125

Phone Consult (MRI, X-Ray evaluations, etc): up to15 mins  $65 

Specialist Second Opinion 60 minute appointments available on request. $350

Q: What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

A: We prefer cash, check or money order. Credit Cards will be charged a 3% service fee.

Q: Are There Any Insurance Company Exceptions? 

A: Yes. We will continue to be taking auto insurance and workman's compensation insurance.

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