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Call: 303-817-0965 or 303-817-2978

3 Things To Know Before Choosing A Chiro

1.  Not all Chiropractors are Alike.  There Are Two Main Groups:

  • Mixers:  function as wholistic, semi-medical physicians.  Dr Kennedy is this type.  Nutrition, Emotional/Mental balance, AND physical health are all important to be reviewed and improved if you are to have a healthy Life.
  • Straights:  tend to be more of the "spine in line, feeling fine" type.  They don't like to get into the nutrition or exercise-rehab parts of care, and they tend to Just Adjust (your spine).  A visit to this type is usually quick, and you are asked to return frequently for extended periods of time.

2.  Some Chiropractors are very BIG on vitamins and supplements.  Many Test your body to find out what it needs, but do it with somewhat subjective muscle-testing techniques.  This is not to say that muscle testing isn't a valid way of asking your body for information; it is if done with integrity and clarity.  But, too often, the Tester seems to find you need a LOT of supplements this visit, and you walk out with $100 or $200 worth of vitamins.   You can screen your "potential chiropractor" by asking:  "do you do muscle testing for supplements?  If you do, what is the average number of bottles of vitamins or supplements your patients buy each visit?"

3.  Most Chiropractors use their hands to move and adjust your spine and joints.  Many will look at your muscles as the "movers" of the joints, and look there for any problems that may be causing your spinal complaints.  Even fewer Chiropractors will spend the time to thoroughly investigate the musculo-skeletal system and do the detective work needed to help you fully recover your health.  Look for and ASK them about this issue.  "How long is the first Visit?  Do I have to get x-rays?  Will I be given a stretching/strengthening Program?"  These questions will help you sort out what type of chiropractor you are talking to, and help you find one you can work with.

 SUMMARY:  Finding a chiropractor that "meshes" with you and your needs may take some investigation.  Ask questions, and be your own advocate.  Above all, if you are not happy with your health care practitioner, look around.  There are many great doctors out there, and there is certainly one for you.

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