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Emergency First Aid for Whiplash Pain and Shoulder Pain

Whiplash in Boulder, CO

Recent research has proven that there is ONE thing you can do, right away, to help improve your chances of recovery from whiplash. One, simple exercise! Sitting upright, SLOWLY turn your head to the left as far as you can without neck pain, and then slowly return to your starting position. Repeat this, 10 times to the left, and then do the same thing 10 times to the right. This simple stretch should be done throughout the day for the first 7-10 days to help your neck pain and shoulder pain.

What is it doing? Gently pulling your nerves through their "tunnels" in the muscles and connective tissue. When you get hit in a car crash, the head moves very suddenly, causing muscle injury and this can lead to swelling and pain. This is called whiplash by most people. By doing the stretch, and NOT going past the point of very mild pain, you are gently "flossing your nerves" through the injured tissue. This helps the nerves get nutrients and discharge their own toxins, and can prevent a lot of neck and shoulder pain later on.

The treatment done right away can be a significant step in avoiding the pain that so many people have even years later. Don't just take an over the counter pain pill or anti-inflammatory drug...that will not fix the problem. Whiplash, neck pain, headaches from a car accident injury must be treated immediately and properly.



Car accidents, big or small, can cause a long list of physical and mental trauma. The most often occurring is usually whiplash. These symptoms can majorly impact your day-to-day activity and performance at work. Chiropractors are excellent, but not many have the experience and the multi-tool set like Dr Doug.

Dr. Kennedy is very experienced and successful with treating a wide range of issues that can crop up shortly after you've experienced a car accident injury. It is important that you take care of your body and come in as soon as possible after your accident to get you back to where you physically and mentally need to be.


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