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Car Accident Injury

Treatment for Car Accident Injury in Boulder

Boulder Car Accident Injury Treatment A car accident injury can cause serious, long-lasting damage to the musculoskeletal system. Even a "minor" fender bender can lead to traumatic injuries, including chronic back pain and neck pain. At Kennedy Chiropractic, our Westminster chiropractor Dr. Douglas Kennedy has helped hundred of patients safely heal after an accident. Whether you are suffering headaches and migraines due to whiplash injuries or you have sustained a herniated disc, it is never too late to heal. Chiropractic care and acupuncture are safe, effective alternatives to prescription medications - your body will thank you!

Boulder Whiplash Patients Provided Pain Relief

Whiplash is a common car accident injury that causes chronic neck pain, headaches and migraines, and soreness or stiffness in the soft tissue. Even at speeds as slow as five miles per hour, the force of the accident impact can abruptly "whip" the neck forwards and backwards. This movement can cause serious damage to the cervical spine. If you have sustained previous injuries, have a disc disease, or already suffer from headaches, the path back to recovery can be an uphill climb. Our Lafayette wellness team is here to help.

Immediately following an car accident, we encourage our patients to begin gently restoring movement to the body. While your first instinct may be to immobilize stiff or sore muscles, doing so actually slows down the healing process. Gentle movement within your pain threshold helps to slowly move the nerves through the connective tissues. Think of the action of turning your neck back and forth as "flossing" your nerves. This helps to eliminate toxins while bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to help the body heal. Corrective care exercises are a safe, at-home treatment to reduce swelling and chronic pain.

Boulder chiropractor treats car accident injuries and whiplash The next step following a car accident injury is to seek immediate care from a chiropractor. The earlier our Longmont chiropractor can diagnose your injury, the more we can do to help your body heal - and prevent the build-up of scar tissue. Scar tissue forms when the body fails to heal properly after an injury. Combined with a misalignment of the musculoskeletal system, scar tissue can exacerbate back pain and neck pain. Unfortunately, many accident victims do not realize the extent of their injuries until weeks or even months after the accident. If you have waited to seek treatment, you may now be suffering from chronic neck pain or back pain. The good news is that while your recovery process may be lengthened, it's never too late to help the body heal!

Patients choose our wellness center because we focus on all-natural pain management. We do not 'cover up' pain with medication. Instead, our cutting-edge care delivers lasting pain relief for car accident victims. By combining chiropractic care and acupuncture, we correct the underlying injury while providing immediate back pain relief. We believe that the mind and body are powerful forces, and when we bring the two together in synchronicity, we can unlock the body's inner ability to heal.

Acupuncture stimulates the flow of energy through the body's meridians, correcting blockages in the central nervous system, promoting healing and delivering immediate pain relief. Chiropractic care restores proper alignment and balance to the musculoskeletal system by creating natural space in the spine, which reduces chronic pain.

Whether you sustained a whiplash injury this week or last year, Dr. Kennedy can help unlock your body's inner ability to heal.

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