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Call: 303-817-0965 or 303-817-2978

Headache Testamonial


"I have my LIFE back!"  - Julie S.

She had been suffering for years with severe tension headaches.  Previous treatments included:

  • Massage
  • Physical Therapy (12 visits over a one month period)
  • Hypnosis
  • Spinal Manipulation from both chiropractor and osteopathic physician
  • Diet changes

NOTHING WAS WORKING. She had resorted to planning to have pain specialists cut the nerves in the back of her head to try to experience the relief she had been seeking for.

When Dr. Kennedy heard Julie's story from her co-worker (a patient at the time), he suggested that Acupuncture might help. Julie came in a few days later, and she had all her prior medical records sent over, reviewed, and Dr Kennedy sat down with her for a full exam and consultation.

A trial series of 6 acupuncture sessions was suggested,

and at the 5th visit, Julie exclaimed, "I have my Life Back!"

"My headache was excruciating. I felt as though there was a boxing match going on in my brain. All it took was 2 visits to Dr. Kennedy, and the game was OVER!

No more headaches!! I even felt like my vision got clearer, and I could think better, as well."

-Rose K,  age 11.

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